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The perfect display is one that conveys the uniqueness of your business to others. Displays need to be visually appealing with easily understandable information, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers. Our displays are designed with precision to command all the attention you desire. We design trade show displays, ceiling banners, tents and table covers. Our displays are manufactured in Miami, Florida using our traditional 1200 DPI authentic Hewlett Packard inkjet printers, two new fabric transfer printers, our in-house product testing and assembly, our wide format dye-sublimation heat press is designed to give you the best looking and highest quality product possible. Call us and let us make you one of our polished and highly professional displays today!
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GIAA specializes in custom built trade show exhibits and structures. Be creative and build your own custom trade show booth space by mixing and matching different elements to create a booth space reflecting your own brand and style. Start building a unique trade show booth today using your own optimized specifications and booth flow needs.