Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design

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Medical website design is something that could do a whole world of good for the healthcare system. In order words, it gives your ideas and vision a platform to thrive on. GIAA helps you to be much more productive as a result of its healthcare IT solutions. It does this by being able to engage patients and other health workers very well.

We offer custom packages, which give you full control over the design and interface of the site. Thus, our dedicated team of experts is capable of taking your practice to a whole new height. Find out more!

Telemedicine Website Design

Fostering working relations with colleagues, patients, and other members of the public is always going to be hard. However, with help from our telemedicine website design, you would cover much ground in no time. We can channel your web presence into a legacy via the net. Still, how do we do this?

The graphics, brand logo, functions, imagery, etc. all represent your very own values. Thus, with this, you would gain the leverage that even many healthcare marketing systems do not have.

Tech is advancing every day. Thus, it has become easier for patients to access the net via different devices at their disposal. Therefore, except your services are top-notch, the customers would not be impressed, and it would all count for nothing.

GIAA offers medical website design models, many of which are mobile-ready sites. They interact with any of your patients’ devices or preferences. For instance, because of our experience, we already know the needs of our patients. Therefore, commands like ‘tap-to-call’ or ‘tablet-based registers are easy to carry out at the snap of your fingers.

At a glance, you get the following from GIAA sites:

+ A responsive model for optimal performance on all devices
+ WCAG 2.1 AA compliant design. One that meets all the criteria for being easy to access. It has provisions for complete improvement duties measure IA_BE_5 under MIPS.
+ Designs tailored to align with healthcare compliance. This includes access, HIPAA, and much more!
+ A custom choice for expert designs and layouts
+ Provision for site additions
+ All round support from a committed project manager
+ Content management and SEO

All round coverage of Medical fields

Here at GIAA, our medical website design features all the major specialties in medicine. This includes:

+ Obstetrics/Gyn
+ Eye clinic
+ Plastic surgery
+ Urology
+ General surgery
+ Ortho/spine surgery
+ Neuro
+ Pain medicine
+ Pediatrics
+ Oncology
+ Dental
+ Cardio
+ GIT medicine
+ Physio
+ Pharmacy
+ Medical spa
+ Other specialties

Common to all these specialties is the need to improve the quality of life of patients. In addition, it is also needful to make some profits. Whether you are a small or large group of medical experts or a single doctor, GIAA has got you. This is because our medical websites are skillfully designed, and they are not costly.

Patient Centered Services

One of the most important desires of patients is for them to be carried along in their care. Thus, a successful modern-day practice is one that has secured a web-based message system as its standard. Likewise, GIAA offers this and much more. By enhancing patient and caregiver relations, it becomes easy to foster a better rapport between the patient and physician. Now to the specific tools that would be used to implement this.

+ Assembly of patient portal
+ Online payment of bills
+ Online booking of appointment and referrals
+ Private online patient forms
+ Practice reviews
+ Patient reviews and ratings
+ Alert systems or reminders
+ HIPAA secure video conferencing

Healthcare Marketing

Another important aspect of our medical website design is the area of healthcare marketing. It is one thing to have a site. However, it is another thing to generate leads from it. Therefore, a website may have great content, but without the right exposure, it counts for nothing.

For several years, we have offered SEO alongside social media marketing services. Thus, we have been able to make our client’s websites rank high in search engine results.

We have received several reviews of this effect, with many clients thanking us for revamping their practices. Meanwhile, new and existing patients have found it easy to access the practice resources of many of our clients. Other strategies that GIAA employs in healthcare marketing include:

+ Google local and business mapping listings
+ Analytics
+ Paid search PPC
+ Reviews and repute programs
+ Publishing resources

We understand that your objectives and that a healthcare body needs the right leverage for marketing success. So, this is exactly what our medical website design offers.

Market Breakdown

User data is crucial to the success of a business. Therefore, by following the statistics of mobile devices that have access to your data, we gain web marketing Intel. To clarify, the website design that we offer allows for constant updates and gathering of Intel for improvements where needed. So, this ensures that you do not lose track of your healthcare marketing campaign goals.

Have you noticed the need to add patient groups on your list? Do you want to maintain that advantage over others? On the other hand, do you want to experience unrivaled growth in your practice? If so, then GIAA is capable of exceeding your desires with our reforming tools.

Content Management and Patient Training

GIAA’s plans for your medical website design includes content managing. Through branding, patient rapport becomes easier, and more content becomes open to the audience. What we mean is that patients should have more knowledge about medical conditions and their treatments. Thus, this includes relevant medical procedures via graphics, moving pictures, stock photo licensing, etc.

We are not just tech-savvy. Moreover, we also know a lot about the medical world. Thanks to the vast experience of our expert team members. In view of that, this experience has helped us to oversee medical website designs for several years now freely.

Security Solutions

With GIAA, you have the assurance that our healthcare IT team would manage your site. Therefore, the web hosting, set up, servers, alongside their care and safety without any fuss. In addition, we have built a network with different tech brands. We are proud of being able to provide you superior safe keeping solutions. In other words, we can protect your web assets.

Our clients at GIAA enjoy DMS, HIPAA, SSL, document management, encryption, and consulting services. As advanced as our security repertoire is, our IT solutions are cost-effective, and the structure is every bit valuable.

Our marketing consulting services are top-notch. Hence, we understand that the web is a universe on its own. As a result, it is easy to get lost within the rapidly evolving system. However, our experts at GIAA ensure that this does not happen. Different companies may promise a website design or healthcare marketing services with the aim of taking advantage of naïve customers. However, by simply asking us any questions, you can avoid these pitfalls.

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By working with GIAA, you get insights into the rapidly evolving tech and medical fields. Therefore, you are set to enjoy an award-winning website. Our team of experts is ready to attend to all your needs now. We are excited at the prospects of working with you on your medical website design and other related areas.

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