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Offset Printing Services provide the perfect professional touch you and your business needs. When marketing in 2020 you have to stand out and have the quality look and product to do this. But how can you have that quality and not pay an arm and a leg for it? Easy Offset Printing. Welcome to a place where quality is number one and the price is fair and honest.

The Science Behind The Genius

GIAA Offset printing uses wet inks that need time to dry before binding, cutting or folding to avoid smudging or ‘offsetting’ the print. This is imperative to keep the quality final touch needed for a professional finish.

This is more suited to larger scale print runs with a flexible time frame. Because the bulk of the cost involved in offset printing is in setting up rather than materials, you can benefit from economies of scale if you print enough copies, with offset printing quality control.

The crossover point where it’s generally better to switch to offset printing and digital printing depends on the page count and the quality of the finished product. In general, though, if you’re printing less than 1,500 copies, digital printing will make more sense. Between 1,500 and 5,000 the two may be quite closely matched, depending on your individual job, and over 5,000 copies up, offset printing will be cheaper.

Services geared to meet the needs of corporate marketing teams

Digital printing for low volume and time critical documentation such as financial reports, conference presentations and fund data sheets.

Higher Volumes?

Offset printing for higher volumes and particular specifications, for example, investment brochures, shareholder communications and pocket folders. Display graphics for media boards, pull-up banners and exhibition stands.

Plus design, typesetting and artwork services for accurate document preparation and personalization and mailing services for accurate delivery.

What We Produce

All this and more, contact us today and speak to one of our highly qualified staff members to help you make your dream and vision turn into a reality.

Business Cards

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Catalogs and Booklets

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Flyers and Postcards

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Presentation Folders

Letterhead and Envelopes

NCR Forms

Stickers and Labels