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Screen printing company and embroidery company like GIAA are becoming indispensable to business growth. There are many ways you can use apparel Decoration and general screen printing and embroidery to make unique statements and advertise your business.

GIAA Apparel Decoration Services

I remember how it is everytime I wear my club customized jersey. It came in my favorite color with my alias and birth date written boldly at the back. I feel powerful and special beyond comprehension any time I wear it. Whenever I wear it, people want to know where and how I got it. Not because mine was the first they had seen, but mine was distinct, classy and simply gorgeous.

I make loads of friends, get more popular and feel like a million bucks on days that I put on my jersey. I can’t count the number of people that requested for customized apparels because of mine. Now imagine if your brand can enjoy same awareness and loyalty just by engaging an experienced embroidery company/screen printing company.

GIAA is a Florida screen printing and embroidery company that targets recreating your brand and its visions. The goal is to place you and your brand at the peak. GIAA can set you apart so that you set the pace for others to follow, a beacon if you wish.

Let’s take a walk through the various ways GIAA can help you boost your marketing strategies.

Wholesale garment printing and embroidery service. Do you desire to have an array of customized designs for your brand? GIAA provides extensive range of customized clothing including branded t-shirts, printed hoodies, bespoke work-wear, promotional printed clothing, corporate wear, and individualized sportswear.

Customized clothing wears, and elegant corporate wears. You are an elite, but how many people know that? Let GIAA help you distinguish yourself with elegantly personalized casual and corporate apparels. Lead the way in lasting impressions with customers, clients, and potential investors. Set the standard for a classy modern style with our impeccable designs from our creative team.

High-quality garments and incredible standards of prints. GIAA will provide you with thousands of amazing personalized garments. We can help you make fashion statements and get on top of your business game.

All of these you can get in the form of –


Printing For Brand Clothing

At GIAA we understand how important printing your brand on clothing is absolutely vital to your business. And of course, you want quality without having to pay the insane price that some companies will quote you.

To give you the best on your own terms, you can choose embroidery if screen printing is not your thing, and vice versa. Don’t know much about the two methods? Here’s a simple explanation.

Embroidery are designs transferred from pixels and stitched with threads to fabrics using machines. Most fabrics can be embroidered except thin fabrics.

The process of screen printing uses special ink and other chemicals to hand-print your logo or design from an actual screen onto the clothing item. It is a popular process for t-shirt designs, and you’ve probably seen a few graphic tees in shops that have used screen printing.

Embroidery or screen printing?

Embroidery tends to be a tad more expensive than screen printing. But, you can get some exotic 3D or flat designs. While embroidery can only be done on sewable fabrics, screen printing can be done on virtually any material including ceramics or plastics.

With screen printing, the variety is immense and your imagination can go wild.  From t-shirts to coffee mugs, screen printing can put your logo on a ton of items that will help get your brand name out there.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then go for screen printing. It is also the best idea for your logo at great prices!

However, a lot more time goes into screen printing but the wait is worth it, especially when created by a genius screen printing company like GIAA.

GIAA offers you –

Customized apparel Decoration. As leaders in the embroidery and screen printing industry, GIAA specializes in producing the most brilliant designs of more than 50,000 personalized products weekly.

Full Services. We offer a full service including garment sourcing, graphic design input, range development, technical screen print and embroidery advice, label supply, re-labeling, bagging, swing ticketing, and bulk distribution.

Excellence and Experience, at affordable prices! Excellent ideas, creative concepts, designs and processes, topped with excellent customer service, GIAA dares to ask, what more can you ask for? If there is, then backed by our experienced experts, we will always deliver. We can fulfill wholesale clothing orders at competitive prices that suit every budget.

Contact us today to speak to one of our team members. You will get more detailed information about our services.

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